Social programs

Making a Difference

In conjunction with producing great coffee, the foundation of our company is to support our farmers and their communities. Each year, we set up a fund to help the farmers we work with.

We’re proud to do our part in taking care of the farmers who provide so much. By purchasing our coffee, you’re helping farmers all over the world, too. So, thank you!

Inspired to Make a Change

In 1986, Pete Rogers, the youngest son of founders Jon and Barbara Rogers, noticed a large gap between the haves and the have-nots. Inspired to make a change, Pete was determined to change the coffee industry.

Community Aid

Because of our incredible customer base, we've been able to make many improvements in the education, housing, healthcare, and sanitary conditions of the farming communities we work with.

We’ve built 63 schools, 1,775 housing complexes, and have donated over 10 million coffee trees to our farmers. Bettering the lives of the farmers we work with is one of our biggest missions as we strive to Grow The Largest Family In The World.

We have built over a dozen medical and dental centers in communities we work with.

We have worked hard over the past 40 years to help our farmers improve their methods of farming through education and practice.In this time, we have been able to increase our farmers' crop yields in some regions by tenfold!