Cupping with Carlos

Analyzing and Cupping Green Coffee

Cupping coffee is a fine art, but not one that is limited to professionals. A sensitive palate is developed through experience and experimentation.

What is Coffee Cupping?
Coffee cupping is the process of analyzing and determining the flavor, aroma, and quality in a coffee selection, which is similar to the process of wine tasting. It's part of our strict quality control process where we select only the best high quality coffee beans for you.

Analyzing the Cup
There are a couple of key observations to make when conducting the cupping process, and that involves assessing the following two elements:
• Acidity – This determines how bright and lively the coffee tastes. It is basically your first impression. It is not a reference to sourness or bitterness, both of which are bad qualities.
• Body – This refers to the fullness or richness of a coffee. It is the secondary impression, often called the finish. A heavy-bodied coffee will taste full, thick and syrupy, even chewy on the tongue, and the impression will be lasting. 

How to Cup Coffee