How Does SF Bay coffee get decaffeinated?


Have you ever wondered how the caffeine is taken out of your decaffeinated coffee? We love informing our customers of each and every step we take to ensure high quality coffee. A very delicate part of the coffee making process is the water extraction process, where we decaffeinate the beans. There are no chemicals used in this process - just water!  

Below, we share a few easily digestible steps outlining our process. 

How it Works: Decaf Coffee Stages

Green coffee beans are soaked in hot water to open the pores of the bean.

The opened pores allow the oils, flavor, and caffeine to flush out of the bean. 

The beans are taken to filtration. Oils and flavor are reabsorbed.

The beans are now ready to be dried.

Finally, the beans are polished to prepare for roasting.