Ever wonder where the coffee journey begins? We love sharing our processes and stories of our hard working farmers with our customers. 

There are many steps to growing high quality coffee. Our process begins with eliminating coffee farm brokers and working directly with the farmers. By fostering a family-like relationship with our farmers, together we are able to grow the best quality coffee available. 

How it Works: The Process

Germination of a coffee seed can take around 60 days. A seedling will typically grow in a nursery until about 8-10 inches tall. Afterwards, it’s potted until it’s ready to be planted.

It’ll take 2-4 years after being planted for the coffee tree to bloom. After a few days of pollination, the small white flowers will start to grow fruits. The fruits are small green berries that will ripen into red cherries.

Each cherry contains a pair of seeds. The beans grow inside an area called the integument. This will be consumed by the bean leaving a final layer of a thin, silver skin. 

At around five weeks, the cherry will be nearly full size. A change of color will accompany its growth from green to yellow to red. Once red, it’s harvest-ready.

Once a cherry is harvested, we use the wet milling process to separate the beans from the cherry while developing and extracting more flavors. Afterwards, the beans are inspected, cleaned, and polished.