Community Aid

Poverty is a real and ongoing problem for many coffee farmers and workers around the world. It's a problem that's impossible to ignore when we travel to coffee farming communities.

Breaking the Poverty Cycle

Through our groundbreaking Community Aid Program, we strive to break the cycle of poverty that exists in coffee communities by spending upwards of $1 million annually. We improve the education, housing, health, and sanitary conditions for workers and their families on every farm where we do business whether it's a huge plantation, a small farm or a coop of small farmers

Improving the Environment

Improving the Livelihood

We also provide agricultural assistance to all the farmers we work with to improve crop quality and convert farms to shade and organic farms to ensure the beans are sustainable, delicious and worth the higher prices we pay. Not only does this make coffee taste delicious, but it also improves the environment including the water supply for the people, flora, and fauna among the coffee communities from Mexico to Rwanda.

Coffee farming communities need help in so many ways other than just a slightly higher price. Our Community Aid Program with direct investments to break the cycle of poverty as well as consulting to improve agricultural quality in all our partner farming communities is doing just that. We are proud to say that 100% of our coffee is fairly, directly and ethically traded. Because we have our boots on the ground at every farm where we buy coffee, we know that every dollar that goes to our partner coffee farms is making a real difference to lift farmers, workers, and their families out of poverty.

"The reality is that without you, our customers, we could never accomplish any of this. You are making the decision to buy this coffee, and through that you are supporting these programs and breaking the cycle of poverty. You need to understand the success and help us celebrate since without you the 'we' has no power, no success and few changes. So on behalf of the thousands of people in coffee communities world wide...Thank You!"