Our Meet Our Farmers series provides a glimpse into the history, legacy and dedication of the farming families whom we partner with. When you purchase San Francisco Bay Coffee, you are joining our efforts to improve the lives of our farmers and those in their communities around the world.

March 30th, 2020


The coffee you drink in the morning has a story.
Before your cup was brewed, before the beans were roasted, before the cherries were picked, someone had to plant a tree. Someone took time and care to grow the plants, whose fruit would one day fill your kitchen with the sweet aroma of morning.
We know coffee has a story because we don’t just buy the beans, we help grow and nourish them and the farmers who work so lovingly with the coffee trees. For 39 years, we’ve worked closely with each and every farmer we buy coffee from. We’ve had the opportunity to touch the lives of 25,000 families around the world and do our best to make them better. We’ve gotten the chance to build over 60 schools, countless homes and recreation centers and worked with the local community to build and sustain medical centers.
For us, giving back and making coffee go hand in hand and we thought it was time you knew where your coffee comes from. There is a story, a person behind every bean that made your SFB coffee cup and we want to share that with you. Because of course, this would not be possible without you.  

Meet Pedro Fiallos

Today we’re traveling to Finca Fiallos in Las Pacayas and Los Platanos, Corquin, Copan and Monte de la Virgen, Las Flores, Lempira, Honduras where we met with Pedro Fiallos, a farmer that has been working with SFB Coffee since 2012

Pedro and his family have a rich history of hard work, turmoil and triumphs. Pedro was first a mason before he became a coffee farmer. With his earnings as a builder, he saved up to purchase a set of oxen, which he used to haul construction materials on a contract basis.
At 17 years old, Pedro mortgaged his set of oxen to buy three manzanas (2.4 acres) of coffee farm in Guatemala. In 1976 coffee prices were high and he sold his harvest of 2000 pounds of parchment coffee and his property in Guatemala to buy one manzana (1.7 acres) of land near his native Corquin, Copan in western Honduras. 

For the last 41 years, Pedro has started his day at 4:00 am. He visits his coffee parcels daily and plants an annual coffee tree nursery. Today he is owner of over 200 manzanas (345.9 acres) of coffee farm.
Pedro completed just 6th grade, and was orphaned shortly after, but his natural intelligence, gregarious personality and strong work ethic have made him one of Honduras' most respected and most productive coffee farmers.

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Pedro shared some pictures with us of his family and their history.
Today, Pedro walks his fields with some of his grandkids in tow. And we feel fortunate to be a part of his coffee world.

Pedro’s coffee comes from 3900-5000 feet above sea level and with his cherries, you can expect a full-bodied coffee with flavors of chocolate, caramel and brown sugar.

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Next time you buy our French roast coffee, know you’re helping farmers like Pedro. 

French Roast, Whole Bean, 908g Bag
French Roast, Whole Bean, 908g Bag
French Roast, Whole Bean, 908g Bag
French Roast, Whole Bean, 908g Bag
French Roast, Whole Bean, 908g Bag

French Roast, Whole Bean, 908g Bag