Our Meet Our Farmers series provides a glimpse into the history, legacy and dedication of the farming families whom we partner with. When you purchase San Francisco Bay Coffee, you are joining our efforts to improve the lives of our farmers and those in their communities around the world.

January 01, 2020


Come with us today on a voyage to Finca Buenos Aires in Fraternidad, Ocotepeque Honduras to visit Maricela Aguilar and her family on their farm. Maricela is a hard-working businesswomen who has worked with her family to continue to build their farm, and their family. We have had the pleasure of working with the Aguilar family since 2012.

Maricela is a member of Cooperativa Cafetalera La Labor Ocotepeque Limitada (COCAFELOL) – one of the most successful and innovative coffee farmer groups in Honduras. Her family farm, Finca Buenos Aires, was established in 1997 and is 18 manzanas (31.1 acres) in size. Maricela has helped out on the family farm since age 11 and has recently taken the lead in the production and commercialization of sustainable, certified coffees.

In addition, she is also Operations Manager of Beneficio San Marcos (BSM) located in Sensenti, Ocotepeque, where she is in charge of helping other farmers sell their quality coffee.

Finca Buenos Aires

Maricela was born in the mountain village of Rio Chiquito, but went to live with her grandmother at age 6 to attend primary school in the largest nearby town – La Labor. She never returned home, continuing her education in Ocotepeque, Ocotepeque and later Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras, where she graduated University with a degree in Business Administration.

Honduras is a country where women customarily stay at home and take care of their husband and children. Maricela is adjusting norms as she has been able to both work and raise a family; she is mother to 5 -year-old Sofia and has a son on the way.

Maricela has been a proud supplier to San Francisco Bay Coffee since 2012.

Maricela at the Rust Trust Nursery

Next time you buy a bag of our coffee, know that you're helping farmers like Maricela.

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