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How to Make Great French Press Coffee

There are several advantages to brewing coffee using a french press. You control everything from the water temperature to the ratio of water to grounds, resulting in a cup of coffee brewed exactly to your specific taste. And because a french press does not use filters, more of the coffee's natural oils remain, which means your coffee retains more flavour.

Here are our steps for making YOUR perfect french press. 


• French press
• Scale
• Hot water kettle
• Clean water
• Grinder  (not required for our ground coffees)
• Favorite San Francisco Bay coffee


1: Start your water kettle. Make sure water reaches 100° C, or just before boiling.

2. Weigh and grind your coffee. A ratio of 15 grams of water to every 1 gram of coffee is recommended for a great french press coffee. Adjust the grind setting on your burr grinder to grind coarser than medium.

3: Pour in coffee grounds directly to the center of the french press.

4: Zero out your scale and use again to measure your desired hot water amount based on coffee ratio for brewing. 

5: Add all hot water gently and make sure all coffee grounds are wet. Using a spoon, stir the top of the grounds lightly in a circular motion.

6: Set your timer. Let your coffee brew for 4 minutes.

7: Hold your french press with one hand and press the top down slowly with the other.


Coffee Suggestions for French Press

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